Country/Town Visited: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Date of stay: Aug 2012
Travelled with: Friends & Family (Holiday Villa)
Tour or pre planned: Pre Planned

Being originally from Ireland, it was an unusual request from a family member to want their wedding to be in Croatia.  But it turned out to be the most spectacular wedding we have ever been to and I had never heard of the city of Dubrovnik before the wedding date was set, nor could I point to it on the map.  But it is now one of my favourite destinations that I will always recommend to anyone I talk to.

August is considered to be one of the hottest months of the year in Croatia, and this August was definitely holding up its reputation.  The average temperature for the week never dropped below 35 degrees so if you love the heat then this is the perfect destination.  We stayed in a private villa for the week, roughly 1.5km to the North West of the city walls.  The villas in Dubrovnik are very reasonably priced with most consisting of an outdoor pool area and large garden space. 

The first key attraction in the city is the inner city walls.  Also known as the old town, the entire inner area is surrounded by huge brick walls.  Here you get the opportunity to walk along the city walls and also hire headphones so that as you walk you can learn all about the history of Dubrovnik.

My favourite attraction that I would highly recommend was the cable car journey to the top of Srd Mountain.  At the summit the views are spectacular over the city and its surroundings (see images below).  The restaurant at the top also has some really nice dishes and you can enjoy the views while you dine.  One of the best times to take the journey to the top of the mountain is just before sunset.  The sun sets over the back drop of several beautiful small islands is a must see. 

After the wedding proceedings had finished at one of the local churches in the city walls we were ushered onto the city harbour walkway where we were greeted by one of the many boat tours. Here we cast off into the bay to be transported from the city to our next destination for the reception which was held at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace around the North side of the city.  The location was spectacular and the seating area was on a cliff edge overlooking the small islands and blue waters. The staff at the hotel were very polite and the food was great and this hotel is a must see if you are booking a long vacation.

There are plenty of opportunities to do water sports in the city and these are found inside the city walls at the harbour.  We chose to do a canoe day trip and I’d fully recommend doing this.  Food and drinks in the city are also reasonably priced and taxi fares are not too expensive.

All in all Dubrovnik was the perfect holiday destination for our family wedding and we will definitely be going back again soon.

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By: Mark

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27/02/2013 19:47

We absolutely loved Dubrovnik and would recommend you do the cable car as mentioned and visit St. John's Fortress. So many people seem to forget that it's included in the City wall price and you have some amazing sea views from the top. I think you can buy a 1 day Dubrovnik card for 130 kuna per person that includes some other sites also.

Lauren Davidson
27/02/2013 21:18

Such a beautiful place (as is the rest of Croatia) - walking the walls is def worth doing and look out for the bar that is on the waters edge outside the wall, you should be able to see people lounging on the rocks - perfect place for an afternoon cocktail or cold beer!

Jeremy Duggan
25/06/2013 06:39

Dubrovnik was an amazing place to visit. it is one of the major places that the new TV series 'king of thrones' is filmed, and that made it all the more special. walking the walls was amazing, but the cable car up the mountain was unreal - we had an amazing dinner (pricey, but you are on holiday, right??) while watching the sun set over the distant islands. there are plenty of bars and nightclubs which are amazing aswell. also, dont miss the bar on the cliff where you can watch kids jumping off cliffs over 20m tall!

28/07/2013 21:26

Def a highlight of our trip to Europe. Down by the wharf at the southern gate there's a place called Lokanda Peskarija that sells the meanest baby squid, served in big pots. We couldn't finish ours as they give you lots. Also, you MUST go to Nishta, it's a little vege restaurant in the old town tucked up the hill a little. It's awesome and so good that we went back twice in our 5 days.


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